The Fertilizer Guide

“Fertilizer is not a dirty word!”

Seeing your plants literally bursting with life, vigorous and healthy, is one of the most fantastic feelings in the world.

Whether it’s pasture grass glowing bright green, fruit trees heavy with a valuable crop, or rows of vegetables promising a bumper harvest …there’s something special about that feeling.

That’s right. Guilt free fertiliser! You see, 30 years in the business of helping farmers, growers and home gardeners, has shown us there’s more to fertilizing than throwing chemicals at the soil to get more N, P and K !

Imagine if you could enjoy year after year of abundant growth, without any guilt about using fertilizer to achieve it!

A lot more.

You don’t have to damage the precious environment to raise the fertility of your farm, orchard or garden.

In fact you get better results when you do it more naturally.

We’ve always supplied organic based products and we’re proud to say it! What we’re really proud of though are the results our customers have got over the years.

And they get those results because of 3 things:

  1. Understanding,
  2. Products, and
  3. Work.

This guide’s all about helping you with 1 and 2. The work of course is up to you – but you get to keep the rewards too :).

In this guide you’ve got everything you need:
stories from the field (literally!)
a fertilizer calculator
links to other useful resources

But if you’re also concerned about the big picture, then you’re just like millions of others around the world. You realize that your farm, your orchard, your garden is part of that wider world and how you increase its fertility today can have effects way beyond this year’s crop.

On this web-site we want to talk about those effects.

There’s no question that synthetic, growth-promoting chemicals have enabled huge amounts of food to be grown worldwide, especially since the 1950s.

Even the father of the modern industry was wise enough to say…

“Rational agriculture would give back to the fields the conditions of their fertility.” Liebig

This guide is dedicated to all the men and women who have understood what he meant.

There are some globally important questions that mankind faces as a result of our recent approach to agriculture.

They include:

  • How sustainable are the current practices?
  • How much environmental damage do they cause?
  • What are the alternatives to the synthetic chemical fertilizers that depend so heavily on oil?

This site won’t baffle you with too much science … just enough to clarify a few points and maybe blow apart the odd myth or two!

What it will do is take a clear, balanced look at the industry, warts and all. It’ll help you navigate your way through the huge number of choices you have today.

And it might just make you a little more aware of some of the issues that affect us all.

Have a read of some of the articles below and, if you want to let us know your views, we’re always glad to hear from you.